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like an icecream, upside down.
i like music, cake and sunshine.

A new comic I’m working on c: not at all based on a Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Fan fiction…



when did tumblr collectively decide not to use punctuation like when did this happen why is this a thing

it just looks so smooth I mean look at this sentence flow like a jungle river

Anonymous asked: Hey you ^___^ just finished (?) Nagi no Asukara! i think there was only 26 episodes.... right?? lol and OMG i was BAWLING when Hikari was trying to save Miuna... sooo much crying lol <3 i love an anime that can make me cry like a lil baby.. so how have you been, you havent posted as much as your normally do lately, im really sorry to hear about things at home changing... but your outlook on its refreshing, i hope things are looking up in your life *snuggle* i miss writing you all the time ~Taka

Hey yaaaa sorry it’s been forever >_


Pastel Ruffle Mesh Top

Anonymous asked: Hello, do you remember that Lucky and Zorba song you posted A LONG time ago? I'm actually trying to buy the soundtrack, cuz I remember the songs were really great!..but I can't find a soundtrack anywhere.

I am not sure how to go about buying it, but I am friends with the composer and producer of the soundtrack, David Rhodes so I can try and get hold of it for you.

On the other hand, Illegally, I have the soundtrack myself and can digitally transfer you all the songs as mp3 if you like? Sorry that you are on anonymous so it will be harder to get this information to you. Please send me your email address if you are still interested.

I just googled it to save myself and my family the effort of asking David Rhodes himself and yes, it was never released, there were a lot of legal issues, my dad told me about it; but I do have a CD. I will do what I can to help share the music as it cannot be legally purchased and it is really good music that I think everyone should be able to hear.

Paint For The Maine was a 3 day project by milkyglow and arrianacorr. The idea was to paint a small picture on fabric for each of the songs by The Maine. In total there are about 50 songs on their official albums not including re-releases, covers, acoustic, Christmas albums etc. 

The full project was completed Saturday afternoon, where it was shown to John’O at Hit The Deck festival in Bristol. He agreed we should carry it on whenever they release more songs so keep looking out for more updates on this project! And please join in our project and paint for The Maine of you feel inspired~
Yukinkotchi and Pekopekotchi

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